PPL7341 Box Joint Slim Line Diagonal Cut

These slim profile, fine cutters are ideal for delicate assembly work in model making, electronic and jewellery applications. They feature box joint construction for maximum strength and accuracy, jaws and points that are perfectly aligned, and comfortable grips with spring openings.

Box Joint Slim Line Diagonal Cutters - £8.95
PPL6005 Side Cutter 110mm.jpg

Mini steel side cutter with comfortable grips. For most modelling, hobby & smaller DIY Applications.

Side Cutter 110mm - £3.95
PKN9205 Disposable Trimaway Knives x 3.j

Disposable Trimaway Knives offer you cutting edge professional performance for fine and precise cuts, etching, scoring, scribing and trimming. The set includes three knives that feature strong nylon handles and protective blade guards. These specialist craft blades are ideal for general crafting and model-making.

Disposable Trimaway Knives x 3 - £5.26
PKN3301 Classic Craft Knife no1.jpg

Aluminium 125mm (5") handle with #11 blade for fine angle cuts, carving, etching, piercing, scoring, scraping, scribing and trimming. This slim handle with its knurled grip is easy to work with allowing complete control when working on detailed, delicate tasks.

Classic Craft Knife no.1 - £1.95
PFL6009 Diamond Reamer & File Set 4pcs.j

The pin vice type holder comes with 4 useful diamond filling and reaming bits for use with beads, plastics and metals. The profiles included are flat file, 2 pointed reamers and conical deburring & shaping bit. The holder includes storage for the files with screw on cap.

Diamond Reamer & File Set, 4pcs - £13.95
PFL6006 needlerasp file set 6pcs 140mm.j

The needle rasp file set includes 6 profiles, flat, square, round, half round, triangle & warding. These 140mm files are excellent for use on wood or wax for rapid material removal, without clogging.

Needlerasp File Set 140mm, 6pcs - £9.95
PFL6001 medium cut needle files set 10 p

Set of ten assorted imported needle files in a handy wallet. Medium cut, these files represent very good value for money and are ideal for general use.

Medium Cut Needle Files Set, 10 pcs - £8.50
PBR2201 precision smoothing broach set 6

This precision set, packed in handy storage wallet, contains 6 smooth steel broaches, sizes 0.4 to 1.4mm. Ideal for enlarging or sizing, as well as burnishing holes after cutting. Fitted with comfortable knurled plastic handles.

Precision Smoothing Broach Set, 6 pcs - £18.50

These sanders sets are washable & reusable and offer the following grit combinations: Coarse (60/100), Medium (240/400) and Fine (600/1000). Ideal for model making, craft, automotive, jewellery and smaller DIY tasks.

Modelcraft Dual-Grit Flexi Sanders x3 - £3.50
PAB0120 1.jpg

For metal, wood, plastic, leather, rubber, fibreglass and painted surfaces; Extra Coarse (30 grit), Coarse (60 grit), Medium (120 grit) and Fine (240 grit)

Modelcraft Universal Abrasive Block - £5.25